About Planet Choir

The choir that spans the planet

When the pandemic began, we closed all our 'live' choirs down and formed a new choir called Planet Choir. This was our online version of "Magic Voices" (our sister company). We even designed our own app for rehearsal and recording! 


Nest year, when the pandemic has truly ended, we are planning a live concert at Wembley Arena. It will be the largest concert we have every mounted and I would like to invite you to be a part of it.


How will it work?


Planet Choir is/will be a hybrid choir. Members will be able to come to large scale ‘live’ rehearsals from time to time and join with the Magic Voices choirs, but the bulk of the teaching can be done using our new app and online sessions where we can meet up weekly and go through the music, step by step. These sessions will also be available to watch at any time. There’s another advantage to this too; it means we can record ourselves and make stunning albums with hundreds of singers taking part (by using our app). 


What will we sing? See our amazing library of arrangements here!



Over the last 12 years of writing for Magic Voices, we have built up a stunning library of material. We will choose the best material from that library. So there will be a lot of songs from the shows (Les Mis, Phantom, Mary Poppins, Sound of Music and a LOT more) plus some lighter pop too.


SOLOS: Yes indeed. Want to sing solo at Wembley Arena? There will be at least 8 spots available for the nest soloists.


So, we would love you to be a part of this. To take part, come along for an online taster session to see how you like it. You can also download our app for a demonstration of how that will work for us too. 


We hope to see you soon!