Program May 29 and May 30

Hi all!

Well, I had a lovely break with my two youngest in Southport. It’s actually my first break for several years and made me realise how important it is to step back once in a while. I will be doing this more often!

So, what are we singing?

Well, I have put a new song on the app called “When We Were Young” (it’s an Adele song). I can’t remember if we actually need a new song yet, but I have a feeling we do!

I have also updated the app with the rest of South Pacific as well as the new song.

I am pretty sure we are still working on “Rainbow Connection” and “Mister Blue sky” though.

Once all these songs are complete, I am going to write a new arrangement which will be a request from the choir. I will put the question in the Facebook Group. You can request absolutely anything and I will pick the one(s) that inspire me.

Remember, we have an extra session this week! We are open tomorrow (Sunday) at 8pm as well as Monday at 8pm.

See you tomorrow!


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