Lets' try this

I really should have started this blog a LONG time ago. Because aside from the utility of just posting a program, I realised I could use it for a lot more besides. And it’s something that can only be done with a virtual choir.

So, this Monday (after the choir session), I am starting a MUSIC FOR ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS course. It’s a very grand name for what will actually be bite sized tips. But over time, I think those bite sized tips will add up. And you, the wonderful members of Planet Choir (and probably others too), could be gradually reading music.

If you read music already, this isn’t for you. At least not yet until it gets more advanced. It will only be around 5-10 minutes at most and I will record it and post the video here. And if nobody is interested or finds it useful, I won’t mind a bit. Actually, you don’t even need to attend unless you want to ask a question as I will post the video right here. Let’s just see what happens after a few weeks

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